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We are a minority woman owned Tampa Insurance Agency with over 25 years of insurance industry experience. Our experience and education give us an edge over our competitors.
We proudly serve the Tampa Bay and neighboring areas.
Our team of professionals are qualified, expert, and focused with an in-depth understanding of insurance, ethics, and the risk management process.
In recent years, numerous Florida insurance companies have non-renewed or stopped writing policies in the state. Our Independent Tampa agency offers a one channel insurance solution for Florida businesses and residents.
We represent many insurance carriers offering commercial property, commercial general liability, workers compensation, excess/umbrella policies, cyber-liability insurance, homeowners and other commercial and personal coverages. We offer our clients the best carriers, at the best premiums and with excellent service, attentiveness and professionalism.
Our partner insurance companies write policies throughout Florida. They have exceptional financial ratings, prompt and fair claims adjusting practices and most importantly, ethical practices.

In addition to offering you the best options for your business or personal insurance program, we provide the following additional services:
• Risk Management Services
Review your business’ operations and facilities to uncover major exposures to loss, both minor and catastrophic, to determine whether the risks can be retained or should be insured.

• Claims Review Assistance
We will review your claims with you and with your insurance company. We provide assistance in cases where certain covered claims are denied by the adjuster.

• Workers’ Compensation Review
Review experience modification annually.

• Loss Control
Review your operations and losses and develop a Loss Control program. Also, assist you in complying with insurance company loss-control recommendations.

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